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My Tribute to Dolores

Recently my Husband and I travelled to a very isolated part of Australia, red dirt roads, four-wheel drive country and no telephone reception. This area is close to the Gulf of Carpentaria along the Northern Territory and Queensland Border, I have attached a road map, actually located beside the road. We visited an Aboriginal rock art site shown to my husband by the local Indigenous people and unknown to regular tourists. Allowed a father Emu with his six chicks safely cross the dirt road while we watched. (Yes, the father Emu takes care of the offspring from the beginning). An absolutely fun filled day immersed in and in awe of the rugged Australia outback scenery. Appreciating Mother Earths glorious display of creativity. Our aim was to stand with one foot in each State, Queensland (QLD) and the Northern Territory (NT) just as though we were experiencing a part of us in two separate dimensions.

To achieve this state (excuse the pun) we were required to drive through an area called Hell's Gate which is described as "the small gap in the escarpment, through which the road passes". Historically this name originated from early settlement days when the police escorted travellers through to the portals of Hell's Gate from this point onward the travellers were 'on their own' until they reached the next police contingent based in Katherine, just under one thousand kilometres away. At the time, this was frontier country with travellers having none of the modern-day safety devices to help them reach their destination.

Just before the Border we came across the Hell's Gate Roadhouse and stopped for refreshments. Many backpackers work in these isolated areas of Australia, to absorb themselves in the Australian culture and earn enough money to continue their journeys. Just before we left I was speaking with the young female backpacker from Norway who was serving behind the counter. Our conversation quickly digressed to all things spiritual, with me, this always includes Dolores and her teachings. The young girl was instantly interested, I gave her my card and as I always do wrote DOLORES CANNON on the back of the card and said "Please take the time to look at our dear teachers YouTube discussions, see what resonates with you." I told her as I always do when spelling out Dolores' name "Her surname is CANNON, I call her the big gun, she was so ahead of her time." So, there it is, I went to hell and back with a big gun and was fortunate enough to discuss our beautiful Dolores Cannon and potentially help set this young woman on her spiritual journey by connecting her with our beloved Dolores. Her light still shines bright!

(BTW - as I was about to type "Her light still shines bright!" the strangest thing happened. My Level 2 group photograph, with me kneeling beside Dolores and her beautiful beaming smile, popped up on my computer screen out of nowhere. I had no control over the cursor when attempting to remove the photo from the screen. Dolores is with us always. Wow!)

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