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How to Prepare for Your Nominated Session

Once we have had our initial telephone conversation I will send you an email with an attached Participant Information form, Design your Higher Self Healings form and/or QHHT® Session form, and any addition information on how to prepare for your Session. 

Design Your Session:

I will send you a document outlining the different components available during your session and this will help you design your Higher Self Healings session.  I will ask you to prepare a list of personal questions.  A maximum of eight questions is a good starting point.  On the day, I will suggest questions you may wish to include to ensure we don’t miss anything important and we will definitely add to these during our pre-session discussion.  A mixture of themes such as relationships, career, life purpose, and spiritual questions can be included.  Remember, don't ask the question if you are not ready to hear the answer.

Commonly asked questions:

  • What is my life purpose?

  • Am I on the correct path?

  • What do I need to do to achieve my life purpose?

  • My career seems to be going nowhere and I am unhappy.  What work should I be doing?

  • I experienced an unusual dream or event. Why did this occur?

  • I am having a difficult relationship with my partner?  Are they the correct match for me?

  • What is my Soul lesson with my Mother, Father, Sister etc.?

List of Ailments:

  • Make a list of all known health issues.

Session Preparation Tips:

  • Our Higher Selves will start working together from the time you make your appointment.  Prior to your session dialogue with your Higher Self or Subconscious before going to sleep at night and throughout your day.

  • Have a good night’s rest before your session.

  • Before your session relax, spend time in nature and if you practice meditation, meditate.

  • Wear comfortable clothing on the day and if you feel the cold, bring along socks. Your body will become very relaxed during your session and you may become cold, I will cover you with a warm wool blanket to ensure you can relax fully. 

  • Please, no recreational drugs, alcohol or relaxation medication the night before or the day of your session.  A session will not be conducted if you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter the state of awareness.   

  • For the couple of hours prior to your session, if possible, please refrain from drinking coffee/tea/caffeine based refreshments.  This will ensure you have the most peaceful relaxing rest during your session.


Session Process:

Below you will find the guidelines for a Higher Self Healings Session.  Although I have listed the general structure for a session this always remains flexible and appropriate for the individual.  This can include redesigning the session as we progress, taking breaks, going outside into nature to ground, and rearranging the session environment.  My aim during each session is to modify the structure to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.  

Pre-Session Discussion:  Please allow a minimum of four hours for your session.  The first part of your session will consist of a discussion about you and your life, a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know you and important to enable me to ask the right questions while you are regressed.  We will review your questions and may add important questions not already included in your list. 

Past, Present or Future Life:  The second part of your session is the actual hypnosis portion, I will explain the hypnosis process thoroughly during our pre-session discussions.  Initially, during the hypnosis, you will be taken to a past, present or future life whatever is deemed appropriate by your Higher Self.  You will be provided with exactly what you require in relation to what is happening in your life currently and will not be given anything more than you can handle.  Each person’s session is unique to them, the universe will provide you with exactly what is required.  We will make a deal with your Subconscious and Ego to work with us and ask these aspects of Self to take a rest.

Everyone feels the trance state differently.  You may receive the information as words or thoughts or feelings, it doesn’t matter which.  Just go along with what you see, hear or feel because this is what is right for you.

Higher Self or Subconscious:  The third part of your session is when the Higher Self or Subconscious is called in to answer your questions.  I will use your list of questions and agreed session format to speak to the Higher Self or Subconscious and obtain your answers.


After the Session:

  • Eat something as soon as possible after your Session so you ground yourself.  You may like to eat something prior to the session and bring along a snack for during and after your session.  I can provide fridge space for you.

  • Your body will still be processing your session so listen to your tape when you go home.  It is important to follow the instructions provided by your Higher Self on how often to listen to your recording.  There is a vibration in the words and in the recording which will continue the healing process.  The healing portion of the tape is when I am speaking with and asking questions of your Higher Self.

  • Be gentle to your body for 3 days and 3 nights following your hypnosis because you will be open.  During this period if you want to ask your Higher Self any further questions ask them just before you go to sleep at night.  Your answers will come to you either as flashes of information or during your dream state.

Session Results:

  • During Sessions the Higher Self continually delivers the message –  Trust.  Immediately following your session, you may not see or feel results.  Do not doubt or question, results may take time to manifest.  Trust, Trust, Trust.

Audio Recording:

  • The information you receive during your session is like a dream and the memory sometimes fades quickly.

  • Your session will be recorded via a digital recorder and uploaded onto a USB flash drive.


NB. Please bring along a new 16GB USB flash drive. (If you forget yours I will supply one for a cost of $20)



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