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Message to Humanity - Information received during a Higher Self Healings Session.

Darkest Just Before the Dawn

P = Client S = Sharon

P = Know that even though things seem incredibly difficult, but this is necessary, it’s part of the plan and it’s always darkest just before the dawn.

S = Beautiful, so it’s all going to improve huh?

P = Yes.

S = The darkness before the dawn.

P = Mmmm.

S = We’ve all been working so hard. We’ve done well haven’t we.

P = Yes, it’s all going according to plan. Everyone’s working hard for the common good.

S = And, it’s on track?

P = It’s on track.

S = Thank you so much. I thought it was, it’s nearly over, all that hard work and we’ll be happy won’t we.

P = Yes. Yes.

S = We’ll be jubilant.

P = Anticipation is difficult but it’s not far away.

S = We should focus on the present and let the rest take care of itself.

P = Yes, that’s right.

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