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Intriguing Session Exert - Information received during a Higher Self Healings Session

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This remarkable drawing is kindly supplied by my evolved client, a talented artist, who previously provided artwork depicting what she was shown during her amazing session. Further detail of this can be found in the Blog post dated, 7 October 2020. During this session Arch Angel (AA) Gabriel answered the client’s questions and conducted all healing.

M = Client (Answers provided by AA Gabriel)

S = Sharon

The Clients question – I have always been fascinated by UFO’s and Extra-Terrestrial and always like to stare at the stars at night. Can you tell me why?

M: She’s of the light. The stars remind her of home. The library, the stairs. The light is like the stars.

S: That is where her realm is her home is the word, we couldn’t pronounce, Aralk?

M: Mmm. Have love but not longing for her home.

S: What would you like to tell her about that longing?

M: You will come again.

(AA Gabriel conducted a healing on the longing. His healing method was to place his hand on her breastbone, her chest)

S: What is she feeling?

M: Warmth.

The Client also wanted to obtain information about a strange event she experienced with her sister. They saw an owl sitting under a tree near her home, watching her. This incident occurred over a three- or four-day period, the owl sat under the tree day and night watching. The owl died and strangely the body simply disappeared. Confusing to both sisters.

S: The owl under the tree, why was she shown that?

M: Watching.

S: Who was watching?

M: Watchers are watching.

S: Oh. Who was watching, tell us about that?

M: Protect. Ancestor.

S: An Ancestor, thank you. Where was that ancestor from, was it from another life or up in the realms?

M: Different world.

S: Oh. From a different world. She said that owl died which really bothered them. Why did that owl die?

M: Transition, no death.

The client wrote "Yes, the watcher was only briefly spoken about when we asked about the owl that was under the tree, I remember seeing it in true form though as we spoke.  I also remember since drawing it that I used to have a vision of a tall penguin standing at the foot of my bed near the doorway of my room  all the time as a child. It wasn't a dream more like a feeling an image would pop into my head, I always put it down to imagination and my sister and I have tried to find the spiritual meaning to see if it was anything but nothing felt right. It wasn't until I drew the watcher that it clicked a few days later, it actually looks almost like a tall penguin! I managed to draw the watcher. Thought you would be interested to see :) its mouth/beak is not 100% but close to what I saw. The only thing I remember feeling about the watcher was that I felt protected/peaceful like 'oh good you are here' type of feeling, I know they are peaceful they are very strong/evolved beings but have a sense of not overly welcoming or warm, just strength if that makes sense.”

The term Watcher is an old concept, over time evolving into diverse narratives. In this Higher Self Healings Session, the Watcher is represented as a Galactic Ancestor watching over the client as a protector.

Such an honour to facilitate each and every session, helping Client’s find the answers to all their questions!

Copyright © Sharon Roulston. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice and link:

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